Redo week 3 day3

My youngest daughter woke up with me and went running. She does not have any running shoes at the moment, because she left them at our home state: So she went barefoot.

One thing that I notice while running with her was that I had to slow my pace down. She is little so going slow was good. It was just funny because I realized that when I run by myself; I somehow compete and try to beat my times. This made me realize that I may be having issues when I run because I push myself too much. So tomorrow I am going to head for week 4 day 1 and run those 5 minute runs and see how it is with a little slower pace.

The road was covered in rocks, pine needles, and sticks, so when we were three quarters of the way through the run, she stopped at our camper and got her bike and finished the last eight minutes riding. Good thing to because two of her poor little toes had scrapes on them.

My youngest running with me. She decided to run a little while we were walking!
The results of running with her! I love that she was motivated at 6:30am to go!

My middle daughter also wants to train with me but she is not waking up to do so. She seems to wake up on the days that I do not run so she can run with me. Maybe this is a sign that running should happen everyday, since both my girls want to start training with me.

To make it so they both can take turns and run we will have to take a trip to the outlet mall for some running shoes. That means we are going to kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes and stop at the Aquarium.

The Mississippi Aquarium is a great place small but very educational and interactive. We are to watch the dolphins train. What the kids love the most is the touch tank where they are able to get the sensory experience of feeling the stingrays smoothness, the starfishe’s roughness, and the tickle of the shrimp (if you are still long enough). By the time we were done inside the trainers were at the dolphin tank educating their guests about how they eat/play with fish. At the moment we approached the biologist were tossing a football to each of the dolphins to show us. Toward the end of the lecture all the dolphins were jumping in and out of the water and waving goodbye.

The workers had brought over a penguin from their other location and informed us of the kind of penguin (cape penguin! I had to look it up) they live in south Africa. These penguin’s take turns keeping an eye on their offspring while the one goes and hunts/fishes for food. They digest their food within 2 hours of eating and use the poop for their nests along with sticks. So they build their homes with sticks first then they layer their feces on top of the nests to hold it all together.The educator said that this species of penguin is going extinct because people figured out the excrement is a great fertilizer.

The cape penguin (good thing there is google) this little guy is the cutest, I wanted to pet him. We were able to see him fluff up those feathers and see all the tinnie tiny little white ones underneath.

At the end of the day we did not get those running shoes. It is ok though because we’ll make it happen it the near future. I feel it is important to do some sort of physical activity to keep the mind and body sharp, so I’ll make sure we get them before next week.


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Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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