So Long Mississippi

I wish I could say I am going to miss you! We have spent six months in this state! The first three months was a little stressful for me! The last three have been better.

These past six months have gone by so slow. It is almost like time has decided to play some cruel tricks and make the stay at Mississippi last forever! First we were in Grenada then we moved to Picayune.

Grenada is a town to pass through. We have met some wonderful people there. The Campground we stayed at was actually very nice for a state park. The name is Hugh White State Park. If you ever are in Mississippi great place to stop by!

They have a place to fish and go boating on the lake.

The thing I had a hard time with is people burning plastic. Every weekend people would come and camp have camp fires and burn all the plastic. Never mind the fact that there are dumpsters located at the entrance of the Campground. The burning plastic made me sick for a few days out of the week every week. Which in turn made me strongly dislike Mississippi. Also most people who stayed at this Campground went on weekends which also made the weekends stressful for me. The stress was because people we don’t even know would be overly friendly and give my kids who they do not even know food (what if they were allergic). Anyway’s I could go on and on about what I do not like about Grenada, but those are the main issues.

Watching the sun descend over the lake was the best part. Seeing pink, orange, red and purple light up the sky was very awe-inspiring. Some mornings I was even able to wake up and watch the sun peek up over the lake (this did not happen to often though).

This pontoon boat just came by at the right moment!
I just love how the colors all reflect off the water.

Picayune, Mississippi turned out to be a bit better, there were more places to go and see. Two bucket list item’s of mine were checked. Last but not least I met a couple of full time RV living moms to help pass the time and become friends with.

Sitting and watching the tour boat’s pass by on the Mississippi River.
This beauty is the “Creole Queen” a paddle wheeler of the Mississippi River.

The first bucket list item that was checked is New Orleans as the locals say Naw’lens (this may be spelt wrong). We only went a couple times due to the rules and regulations, so we were unable to go to the WWÌI mueseum. But walking Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, and browsing through all the stores was amazing. The history there is just soul touching. I was just in awe. It is too bad though that most of the places were turned into stores. I know the building’s need to have renovation’s so the store income probably helps with that.

The second bucket list item checked was going on an old paddle wheeler. The Creole Queen fit the bill with the whole old money feel plus the jazz that was playing for entertainment, while we were stopped for a tour of the battlefield Andrew Jackson fought the British army on. This battle was fought and won on January 8, 1815.

I unfortunately had to step off the paddle wheeler while we were stopped due to a bout of sea sickness.

The bonus here was that there were no creepy people continuously telling me how beautiful my girls are and they should be in pageants.

The Campground we are staying at in Picayune, Mississippi is Sun Roamers. They have a little pond to go walking around, a small miniature golf set up, horseshoes, and a pool to swim in.

My girls learned to swim, do summersaults, and swim to the floor of the pool to get the toys that sink. They were also able to meet some children their age to socialize, and have fun.

So goodbye Mississippi it was fun. Heading to the west now. Off to New experiences and adventures.

When we get to our destination and are settled i well do a little synopsis of Mississippi for those who would rather learn about the state. For now this is the experience I had in North Mississippi and South Mississippi.

I hope you all have a great day!


By Fulltiming in the US

Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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