Warning this is mostly a picture blog,, with little blurbs!

Sunday after Christmas we went exploring! The places we went were Alabama hills, Charcoal kilns, and a Joshua tree made out of Horseshoes! Right below are the Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns. I was saddened to see that they are falling apart! It looks as if vandals had their way with them as well.

Below are pictures of a Joshua tree made of horseshoes. This tree is located in Kern County California. It was amazing to see in person. The pictures I took of it does not do it justice. The lighting was not that great due to it changing to night.

The full bounty!
I tried to capture the branches holding the spikes

Yesterday on the 28th we went to the Joshua Tree National Park! We explored skull rock (no picture of the skull rock) arches, and Cholla Cactus!

This came better then I expected! It was a guick shot. The sun was shining right on my phones screen.
The first arch we saw!
There were a million people at this arch! I am amazed I only got my family in it. There was one person who hid behind a rock for me and one I cropped out!
Cholla cactus sign
The Chollar cactuses!
Up close and personal!

We went again today but my middle child somehow got a tummy bug to we were only able to get a field picture of the Joshua trees and a picture of the fault lines I hope!

Field of Joshua Trees
A different angle of Joshua trees!
This picture was taken in the parking lot.
This is talking about the smog that can make living in California toxic! That if the wind blows it keeps the smog away!
Sorry this did not come out great! I took the picture quickly. The wind was just blowing and it got chilly!
Down in the valley is a fault line.
This is just a different angle.

Tomorrow we are headed the the pinnacle national park! I hope you all have a wonderful night/day. Thank you for stopping by.


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Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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