U.S.S Alabama

While we were in Mississippi, we visited the U.S.S Alabama. I have been hesitant to post this because I do not want to misinform people. This was such a great experience though that I figure I should post at least the pictures and what I do or was able to figure out.

20mm gun! I hope that they were at least wearing earplugs! I can’t imagine the hearing loss that may have occurred.
Where the men sat to take aim! On the side of the ship

It amazes me that the bullseye is so small. I am so glad that the men manning the guns had amazing eyesight! I barely could see. The kids and I all climbed up onto the seats and sat for a moment looking through the scope and trying to make the seat turn. Sitting in the seat’s was very uncomfortable and cold.. I can’t even imagine having to sit there for hours battling with the enemy.. Can you imagine it?

This is majestic! There is something about walking on a peice of history.
The flag hold in the front.

The flags helped with communication.

The flag holder from above
Where they hung the flags that needed to be hung

The below pictures are inside one of the turrets on the ship.

Where they loaded up to fire.
The inside of the place they load the bullets. Sorry I am unfamiliar with weaponry but this was very intriguing to see. I actually want to try and load it to see how it worked. (Not to fire of course, but out of curiosity)
I think this is a way to communicate where to fire from! They do not have labels to identify! I am assuming what this is.
I believe this is where they see what needs to be done or even where they need to shoot.

If you have stuck with me this far I have provided a link about the U.S.S Alabama below.

Park Complete History

Below is a wiki link as well. I know this information can be changed or may be inaccurate but it has some pretty good information


Thank you for stopping by and reading/looking at the pictures. I provided some links in the U.S.S Alabama for those of you who would like facts instead of experiences!

I hope you all have a great day!

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