Our First Night in Tombstone.

We left Yuma at 10:00 am on the 31st of January, it was a windy five-hour drive. When we finally arrived at Wells Fargo RV Park, the girls and I went in search of a playground. Luckily for us, there was a small park with swings right next door to the O.K. Corral. They swung… Continue reading Our First Night in Tombstone.

Self Care Week Two

This past week we took an impromptu trip to Mohave, California. We stayed at a hotel and visited some people that we met last year while dad went to work. So, this week I did not run. I did however use a treadmill one day for thirty minutes. Then on Friday, we all went hiking… Continue reading Self Care Week Two

River walk

We went on a nature walk today. The trail started at the territorial prison in Yuma, Arizona alongside the Colorado river. My daughters decided to bring their binoculars (which they received as gifts for Christmas) along to spy on the animals. During this walk, we also worked on some math dealing with percentages. As we… Continue reading River walk

Thanksgiving was Day Five in Kanab, Utah

On Thanksgiving day I had the opportunity to catch up with laundry and clean up the camper. We had homemade chicken soup for Lunch and dinner was a simple meal. Dad brought the kids to the belly of the dragon and the sand caves to do some exploring. The bonus was that I was able… Continue reading Thanksgiving was Day Five in Kanab, Utah

Kanab, Utah Days Three and Four

On Tuesday we had a relaxing day exploring the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and we walked the Angel path. This path is located behind the visitor’s center and most of it looks wheelchair accessible. The kids (well mostly the girls) had a grand time climbing up onto the boulders. My son decided that… Continue reading Kanab, Utah Days Three and Four

Salt lake take two

Day two of our stay in the Great Salt Lake takes us to Antelope Island state park. This island makes up 28,022 acres and is the largest island in the area. This island was home to homo sapiens then in 1848, a farmer named Fielding Garr made himself the first permanent resident on the island.… Continue reading Salt lake take two