Montezuma Castle and Well

This post is part of On the Road Again Day two. The other day the post button was pushed and the post was not complete, so this post is going to complete the one picture only post of “On the Road Again Day Two”. After see the Amboy crater we drove another two hours to… Continue reading Montezuma Castle and Well


Today we discussed measuring and following a recipe! This is my first time I have made ketchup so I did most of the work. We chopped onions, vine, and cherry tomatoes put them in the instant pot together to stew. The above link is the recipe I followed. Well I followed to a point.… Continue reading Ketchup

Pinnacle National park

This time while we were driving north to the pinnacle national park the kids noticed the environment.  I took the opportunity to talk about the different biomes and explained that where we are living at this moment is considered the desert biome. That the Joshua National park is also part of the desert biome. I… Continue reading Pinnacle National park