Week Two Day Three Redo!!

I am making so much progress! I am starting to be less stressed more relaxed again. I love waking in the early morning and starting my day before anyone else is awake! There is something about the solitude of early mornings just before the sun rises. I do not usually  have any type of thought process more like peace and quite ahhh. Sometimes I pick up a book to read before running or I think about things to write about. Or I just sit and relax until the heathens wake up. Oops I’m sorry my sweet little angels! But today is you guessed a running/schooling day. The girls will be of course writing in their journals, reading nat geo kids, mental math, and Beautiful Feet Books, Around the world with Picture Books! Kaarina will be reading today for 20 minutes with a chapter book she picked out.

This morning I got out the door at 6:16am! It is a very muggy day once again it felt like a hot wash cloth steaming my face. The 90 second runs are getting way easier now that I play music! It is amazing that distracting yourself from running while running is helpful with the breathing during a strenuous activity! My energy is coming back and I am able to be more patient while Kaarina is reading. This may be normal but it is frustrating listening to her create her own story about the story she is reading. For instance we have been working on sounds for the past four years but little words like as is hard and big words like ground is easy. I end up sounding the words out for her. For instance I say aaaa and think she can do the ending sound ssss but it ends up me doing both sounds and her doing none and throwing a fit as we/I sound the words out for her. We have tried four weeks to reading and 100 lessons to reading. If anyone has any other recommendations please feel free to let me know. With that being said we are taking a break until bed time and will try again then!

Man oh man reading did not go so well! The only thing I got from her was whining and crying and saying I am doing my best! Gah I know you are doing your best child but I can tell that you are actually not reading at all hahaha! I can tell because all those words you just said so fluently are not even in that sentence! Oh well we got a little reading done! She was able to tell me sentences for these words though exquisite, tenacity, composition, and inestimable.

These are the sentences that she had me write for her!

This morning before breakfast my son started to regress again by doing the I said I said I said I said so much that I lost focus and stopped listening to him. So when this happens I say I noticed you are having a hard time communicating today can you please repeat what you said with out the I said please. So what happens is he gets back to the same position he was at just so he can do the whole repeating the I said’s all over again this happens about six times before he finally snaps out of it and he does not mumble and repeat the I said’s. Now I am working on not having him repeat himself so dang much. I am even trying not to repeat my questions so much. We both have made progress but there are days that are easier than others. On the positive side of everything he is getting better at getting his school work all completed by the end of the day!

After my running was complete and breakfast on the grill cooking, I was able to do some yoga. It was a 50 minute lesson for runners yoga but I was only able to get halfway through it. Man did that yoga hurt and I needed a lot of balance which was difficult because Charlie would not stay off of me. I am going to attempt doing it again in the morning. This way I will not have my five year old climbing all over me. Not to mention she was putting my hair up for me as well.

Ouch what the heck are you doing child!


By Fulltiming in the US

Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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