So this morning I woke up and did some yin yoga with Travis Elliot. Made plumcot rolled oatmeal with some cherry juice and water topped it off with vanilla yogurt. I had left over pulled pork that was suveyed for 24 hours then smoked for three hours with homemade coleslaw, jalapeños, and some barbecue sauce. We went for a walk to get the juices flowing and came back to the camper to start history. At this moment for history we are looking at picture books on China and learning how fishing was/still is done. I had the kids copy the shape of China on a peice of paper and write the country name on their map. When I said to write the name my middle daughter was looking at China upside down and wrote it like this anihc. But the c was facing the h

Not sure if this means she should be learning how to read upside down. I have to admit that I did have her read a paragraph upside down to see if it helped. She was able to read more fluently than right-side up so I think I’ll have her do both for a while.

Meanwhile as the morning progresses I was on the short end of the stick with my son. All I had to do was look at him and he acted as if I am the worst person in the world. Or even if I say it is ok to sit with your feel on the couch but please sit crossed legged so you are able to get your work accomplished. Or even please stay off this persons grass as I see him slowly and blatantly walk into the grass as if I said nothing. I stopped him in his tracks looked him straight in the eyes and said that person does not want you in their grass stay off (these people go to the office at the Campground we are at and complains if a child goes on their grass) 

Back to reading! I had my middle read before bed outloud and she chose to read upside down and did a fantastic job. She read another page and chose to read that page right side up and did wonderfully. I am hoping that the progress we made today is not a fluke and tomorrow will bring even more gains.

By Fulltiming in the US

Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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