Mississippi to Texas

Hello all! I know it has been way to long since the trip. I have still been adjusting to the time change and have been just unable to concentrate on writing about the whole trip in one post, so I am writing about San Antonio, Texas today. I figured if I break it down a bit it will be an easier process.

We did a 10 hour drive from Picayune, Mississippi, to San Antonio, Texas. That first day was very exhausting! We made it to the Campground an hour after dark. I ended up calling my sister to talk to me the last half hour or so (this was to help me not be to sleepy).

Night time driving is difficult for me, especially when all the lights seem like I am driving through a wormhole due to the blurriness caused by all the lights flashing by. Following my husband made it easier for me though. I could focus on the back of the camper and occasionally look out the mirrors to make sure I was driving a straight line, and I did not have to worry about the lights from other vehicles or the construction zooming by. I was still white knuckling the steering wheel though. Enough about me.

While in San Antonio we walked the river, went and saw the Alamo, and at least one of the missions. Also if you are in the area you should check out the Japanese garden.

Excuse me if I am not remembering this correctly but the property was first used and owned by the San Antonio waterworks company and given to the city in 1899. The city then created a lily pond, which is now known as the Japanese Tea garden. Two years later the park was opened to the public for their pleasure. Fourteen years later a Mrs.. Emma Kohler donated 11 acres of her land to the city for a public park to be created. The 11 acres is located right next door to a rock quarry. At that time a Mr. Lambert came up with a plan for a lilypond so together with a contractor a plan was made. They had a money problem though and decided to have inmates work on the creation to cut cost. This part of the park first opened up in 1919. Here is the link ( https://www.sanantonio.gov/ParksAndRec/Parks-Facilities/All-Parks-Facilities/Parks-Facilities-Details/artmid/14820/articleid/2912/japanese-tea-garden ) If you would like more information.

I just had to take a picture of this flower. The color is so vibrabrant and happy!
This is at the Japanese Tea Garden. The eight is just awe inspiring!
This was built in 1920 to help in the sales of Spanish art.

Onto the Alamo! It is amazing what we can learn just by traveling and exploring. Below is one replica of the fort. I would post all the others but my children were covering the rest of them so you would not be able to see them anyways. It is amazing to think that this seige lasted for as long as it did.

The seige lasted for 13 days underfire! This happened during the battle of independence from Mexico. A group of volunteer texan soldiers were living in the former Franciscan mission when a troop of a thousand Mexican men lead by General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna came and fought the 200 Texan soldiers’, including Davy Crockett. Here is the link I used if you want more information


If you are in the San, Antonio area expect construction on the Alamo.

Just a model image of the fort
The cannon used at the Alamo!

The river was was just gorgeous to walk through.1920 is when it all started the city government built the concrete tunnel to divert the storm water and to prevent flooding. Late in the 1920 an architect by the name of R.H.H. Hugman came up with ideas to beautify the river, and put into effect by the 1930s’. Decades went by when it was finally decided to complete the Riverwalk for people to enjoy. I am not a historian so I am providing the links for your enjoyment! I know I may have mixed things up a bit. Below is a link to the history of the Riverwalk.


Something so beautiful made out of something simple!
I took a picture of this model ship in rememberance of my uncle! He would have loved seeing it. This was on the river walk in the little mall area!
This butterfly was enjoying the flowers nectar!
The wonders of what we can do!
Bridge full of locks

Tuesday morning before we left we were able to visit the Mission San Jose.

A little peephole to help keep everyone safe
How cooking was done back in the day!
I could not resist taking this picture
The simplicity of this room 😍
I just love how this tree framed the building in the background and the moss on the roof!

Tuesday was a shorter drive. Thank goodness! The next day we were in Carlsbad New, Mexico! Luckily driving from San, Antonio to Carlsbad, New, Mexico took around seven hours. I will work on this part of the trip this week and hopefully have it posted by Sunday the latest. Have a great day all! Please feel free to read the links provided!


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