Hiking and Hotsprings

Pine Creek Trials is a lovely hike through the woods to a waterfall. We arrived at a picnic area just in time for lunch. When we were done eating we headed to the trail to trek the path up to the waterfall. The terrain is a little rough with roots and rocks sticking out. The kids however loved being able to climb and jump from rock to rock. There were a few fallen trees in the path as well that were easy enough to climb over. Low enough for the kids to climb yet high for them to crawl under.

I did not get too many pictures of the trail. I did however take some pictures of berries and fungi along the way up the path.

My daughter sat on the log right above this guy my nature app was unable to give me a concrete answer on what kind of fungi this.
Just some flowers at the edge of the river “Harry Arnica”
This is apparently a new York aster. Personally it looked like a purple echinacea flower to me.
According to my nature app this is an American fly honey suckle

For those of you who are wanting to visit Montana and enjoy hiking here is a link to Pine Creek Trails below.


We made it to the falls and of course my youngest took her hiking boots off and Kamelback bag off. Needless to say we were a about a quarter of the way back to the parking lot when we realized her bag was left behind. So dad had to run all the way back up the trail and find the bag. Luckily the bag was still where she left it by the time he made it back. Since dad was no longer with us to hike back down to the parking lot the girls decided to walk slower.

Them walking slower was ok though because we were back at the car for maybe five minutes before dad arrived with the kamelback on his back. From there we took off to Chico hotsprings.

A shot of the river.

I did not take any pictures while we were playing at the hotsprings. It was just good to soak in the pool while the kids swam, played, and socialised with other kids.

The pool was clean and they had workers come and make sure the pool area was picked up from cups that were empty and forgotten about. It was a bit crowded on a Saturday afternoon. Next time I go I may plan it for a week day.

Chico Hot Springs was just a 20 minute drive from the trail head. There is a grill that serves burgers, fries, and ice cream. There is also a window you can go up to pool side and order some mixed drinks, beer, and whatever else is needed to help quench your thirst.

To end the day we took a half mile walk to see a giant chicken. My son chose not to get his picture taken with the chicken. The girls on the other hand climbed right up onto the chickens back. This place is just across the road from Chico.

Below is a link to the resort in case you want to know more about the hotsprings.

I in no way earn money if you click on the link. I provide the links for your convenience if you decide you would like to learn more about the places I talk about.


I just loved how the sun was shining on this field.
A picture of some mullen.

I hope you all enjoyed your Monday. Thank you for stopping by. Please like or comment below.


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