Bryce Canyon, Pink Sands, and Dinosaur Tracks

The views of the Grand Canyon were amazing! The next day however we needed to move along to the next destination.  The Grand Plateau RV Park in Kanab, Utah. On our way we saw some amazing sights! Day four/five of on the road again.

Driving along the route to the RV park, we were able to see some majestic cliffs, valleys and some of the other side of the Grand Canyon. A couple hours before crossing the border into Utah we crossed a bridge for a dam with an amazing view of the water. It just took another hour and a half after this that we reached our destination at the Grand Plateau RV Park.

The view from the playground 😍

The Grand Plateau RV Park is about two to three years old. First impressions is that the park is very clean and well maintained.  Instead of having a large bathhouse with multiple stalls with showers and toilets they had four separate bathhouses for the people who use them to have privacy.

I loved this idea for a Campground and if I ever have an RV park, I am going to copy this set up. In the front of the building there was a laundry room that had one washer and one dryer labeled for the pet lovers to wash and dry the dogs or cats bedding/the humans’ clothes. This way the none pet owners do not need to worry about fur getting on their laundry.

The washer drier set up.

We took it easy on our first day in Utah. I caught up on wash and the kids were able to play. The girls played in the brook making a fairy village. After dinner was made the kids were relaxing, laundry was done, and food eaten; so I took advantage of the jacuzzi. It was nice to go and enjoy some time alone.

On May 3, 2022 we took off at 9am for Bryce Canyon. This took around one and a half hours to get to.

Upon arrival we stopped at the visitors center and explored their mueseum/store looking at merchandise and the billboards talking about how the Canyon developed.

Next stop was sunrise view point and walking along the trail into the valley. There were a surprisingly abundant amount of trees in the Canyon making the view even more spectacular. The lush green with a background of reds and browns was amazing to see.

The wind was blowing and we were all cold. The desert being in the 70’s to 80’s with only occasional cold spells, the wind made this day feel colder then it actually was. Exploring the top of the rim taking multiple pictures we finally started to descend into the canyon. At one of the view point areas there was a ground squirrel relaxing in the sun.

A window overlooking the other side of the canyon.
There was a gradual zig zag decent to the bottom
The girls just needed to climb up there and pose with the rock.
This was at the bottom of our decent.

It was cold and windy so when we arrived at this part of Bryce we gave the kids an option of staying in the car or getting out. You can imagine what they chose to do. That’s right they opted to stay put. The joke was on them however and this side of Bryce was not as windy. The sun was shining and it was warm.

In the Canyon walking to the other side to get back to the van.
We left the kids in the van for a minute to see this. It was cold and they did not want to get out.

When we were done with exploring here we headed back to the camper. There were two stops on the way back. One stop was pink sands and the other was dinosaur tracks.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
(435) 648-2800

As you can see below the girls had so much fun running, rolling, and jumping around in the sand that they had it everywhere on their body.

Below there is a link to the Kanab dinosaur tracks. There unfortunately are no pictures for me to share of the tracks. We could not find them. With the lateness of the day we had to get back to eat and get to bed for another day of traveling. I did however take a picture of the flowers growing there.

Kanab Dinosaur Tracks

The flowers that were found on our hunt for dino tracks.

This concludes our stay in Kanab, Utah. The grand plateau rv park I am giving five stars to. Thank you so much for your patience. I am sorry that it took so long to complete. There are so many pictures above i apologize for not having them in order. I hope you enjoy looking through them though.

Next is Moab, Utah dino mueseum and Arches national park. I hope you enjoy reading/looking at the pictures please feel free to comment/like this post below. I hope you all have a good day/night depending on where you are.


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