Kartchner and Colossal Caverns

The past couple of weeks has been filled with so much adventure. We have done so much exploring and learning that I have not had time to write about it. We did go to a couple of caverns that need to be talked about. On moving day from Tombstone to Benson, Arizona the kids and… Continue reading Kartchner and Colossal Caverns

Kanab, Utah Days Three and Four

On Tuesday we had a relaxing day exploring the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and we walked the Angel path. This path is located behind the visitor’s center and most of it looks wheelchair accessible. The kids (well mostly the girls) had a grand time climbing up onto the boulders. My son decided that… Continue reading Kanab, Utah Days Three and Four

Kanab, Utah Two Days Zion

We made a six-hour drive to Kanab on Saturday. Arriving at the Grand Plateau RV Park a little after four in the afternoon. The kids had a great time playing on the playground while the camper was getting situated. They played until dinner was ready. Sunday came and it was off we went to Zion National… Continue reading Kanab, Utah Two Days Zion

Salt Lake

Leaving Montana we headed on our way to perry Utah. Unfortunately the day we left Montana was my son’s 14th birthday. So to compensate for not being able to celebrate his birthday we started Sunday at a Brazilian steak house. The next morning we gave him his birthday gift and finished packing the camper up.… Continue reading Salt Lake

Bryce Canyon, Pink Sands, and Dinosaur Tracks

The views of the Grand Canyon were amazing! The next day however we needed to move along to the next destination.  The Grand Plateau RV Park in Kanab, Utah. On our way we saw some amazing sights! Day four/five of on the road again. Driving along the route to the RV park, we were able… Continue reading Bryce Canyon, Pink Sands, and Dinosaur Tracks

Montezuma Castle and Well

This post is part of On the Road Again Day two. The other day the post button was pushed and the post was not complete, so this post is going to complete the one picture only post of “On the Road Again Day Two”. After see the Amboy crater we drove another two hours to… Continue reading Montezuma Castle and Well

Pinnacle National park

This time while we were driving north to the pinnacle national park the kids noticed the environment.  I took the opportunity to talk about the different biomes and explained that where we are living at this moment is considered the desert biome. That the Joshua National park is also part of the desert biome. I… Continue reading Pinnacle National park