Week 1 day 3

Well today is a very hot day here in Mississippi! I woke up at around 6am this morning drank a cup of water and went for my run! Let me tell you though I almost talked myself out of it. It is so damn humid out and the air is so thick that it felt like I was breathing through a wet hot washcloth!

What was I thinking starting a cardiovascular exercise in the middle of August! Either way I am starting to feel good about how I handle what comes up in life! I am able to sleep better and I am starting to have more energy! I was able to get into peak for 13 minutes, cardio for 12, and fat burn for 10 minutes while running for 35 minutes. And 2.15 miles without feeling as if I was about to barf is something to be proud of.

My glorious sweaty self!!

My youngest said to me the  yesterday that I need to slow down because I was walking to fast! I guess that means that my endurance is improving a little.  Tomorrow is my day to rest from training but i’ll still walk at least twice tomorrow to get my steps in.

Learning part of the day!

Today the kids did great with school my middle child is seven years old and is learning how to write. So I am have her write a verse by tracing it then copying it. I think that I am going to just have her read the verse outloud with me for memorizing it and have her trace it in her writing journal to lessen what she has to do. I think having her rewrite it after tracing is too much for now.

With math we are just working on our addition facts by memorizing them and giving the math books a break until I know for sure she can do it promptly. I believe she is having a hard time because she has to still use props for counting/adding.

Concentrating as best she can writing in her journal

It is a bit hard figuring out how she learns but it’ll happen. I just hope that in the meantime I do not make her hate learning.

We are making progress everyday wether it be with my training or their learning.


By Fulltiming in the US

Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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