Week 5 day 3

Well today is a 20 minute run! I hope I can run that long! Thinking about it is a little daunting but in the end I will be quite happy with myself. The last couple day’s I have been nursing lower back pain as well as hips and leg pain.

I only had to walk twice during the 20 minute run! In total I ran for 18 minutes!

I looked online to see what to do to help reduce the possibility of back pain reoccurring. Number one is to take a break for a week or two. I should also start doing some core work to help support my spine. I found some before and after stretches to do to help as well.. I hope it helps. I will also continue doing yin yoga to help with focus and meditation.

Not so bad! My average speed is improving

One thing to do is to stretch before and after running. Years ago when I would workout, I always stretched before doing any type of exercise so that was a “well duh” moment. I guess sometimes we all need to be reminded of the proper way to warm up and cool down.

The humidity makes the sweaty roll even more lol

I had my youngest come out and run with me again. Well she rode her bike along side of me! It was great while we exercised she talked to me and kept the same pace. At one point I had to walk to help out I started to get a bit tired. I walked for maybe a minute. Then I had to walk for another minute toward the end of the run. But all in all I did not do so bad with a 20 minute run. By next even if I am not training to run marathons maybe I’ll give it a go. Running marathons may help keep me motivated.

This week is our last week in Mississippi! So I’ll be running this week! My body needs a little break anyways. Once we get to our next location I’ll start back up again!


By Fulltiming in the US

Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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