Group 5k/10k Week 2 Day 3

Today we actually started our run at 9 O’clock am. This took a lot of time though. My girls needed a lot of reminders to get ready to go. This happened multiple times before they were actually reaat least 45 minutes in order for us to be ready to go at 9 O’clock. There was a whole lot of awes and I had to keep reminding them that they wanted to do this with me. I need to run it really helps me mentally. I am more capable of handling little problem’s that may occur throughout the day. The plus the writing helps. below are my girl’s my son is right beside me.

The one way ahead of us who complained all last week drank some mango energizing tea and the rest of us could not keep up! The one right in front of my son and I complained the whole time.
Our statistics for this week. We are making progress.

After the run we worked on math. Math is a trial for us, but I am hoping that I found how she likes to do her addition facts. What i did to help was put little circles on the number where she needs tp count to add and after that she was able to complete the last few problems without a hitch. I used to use manipulatives but she hated it, then I tried showing her how with her fingers but it just confused her so with using the circles on the numbers it was easier for her. We’ll how it works tomorrow. After math we worked on Grammar Galaxy and made sentence for Dilemma, Phonemes, and Astounded. the sentence she came up with for astounded was

“I am Astounded that I actually have to do my work.” I was like “I am astounded that you think that you haven’t been feeling like you have been doing your work” We got to her having to read out loud part and started to have a meltdown ah well at lest we got half the school complete it is quite hard to remember all the sounds the letters make so tomorrow is another day!

Speaking of tomorrow my oldest is turning 13! honestly i am just amazed with how fast these last thirteen years have gone by. It literally feels as if is still that two year old that is running around trying to get things that are too high for him to reach. pushing the kitchen chair to the counter to climb up and help me with the cooking or getting into the snacks that I put out of reach so he did not over indulge in them and not have room in his little belly for dinner. So to honor him we are going to have french toast for breakfast, BLT’s for lunch, and dinner we are having Thai. All on his request.

I am hoping that he enjoys his birthday and the foods he chose.


By Fulltiming in the US

Where to begin! I am first a mom of three; one boy and two girls. We travel around the US with my husband and homeschool on the road! last year I learned to make homemade soap and sell it for a small income.

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