Why do we sometimes not sleep well? Why do we sometimes become irritable? Let’s just say that was me yesterday! It maybe because my son and husband do not get along  or even communicate very well. They seem to trigger each other. Or it may be the fact that sometimes I feel as if our… Continue reading Why

Chinese History

My girls are learning about Chinese history through Beautiful Feet Books “Around the World with Picture Books” today we invited friends to learn with us, for today’s lesson. It is amazing how well they are with paying attention while there are other kids involved. We read “The Story of Ping” located the Yangtze River  in… Continue reading Chinese History

Started week 3 day 1

Today my hubby takes off to Grenada to pick up his work supplies. It is also my running day! I’m a bit nervous about leaving the kids to go running for 25 minutes this morning one reason being the girls are young and I worry about them waking up scared. Either way I will not… Continue reading Started week 3 day 1


So this morning I woke up and did some yin yoga with Travis Elliot. Made plumcot rolled oatmeal with some cherry juice and water topped it off with vanilla yogurt. I had left over pulled pork that was suveyed for 24 hours then smoked for three hours with homemade coleslaw, jalapeños, and some barbecue sauce.… Continue reading Reading

Week Two Day Three Redo!!

I am making so much progress! I am starting to be less stressed more relaxed again. I love waking in the early morning and starting my day before anyone else is awake! There is something about the solitude of early mornings just before the sun rises. I do not usually  have any type of thought… Continue reading Week Two Day Three Redo!!


Man Oh man! All this running to help with stress has elevated my energy. It has been a long time since I have felt this much stamina (around 13 years to be quite frank). Yesterday was amazing because it has been a long time since I have felt sexy! Or even comfortable in my own… Continue reading Energy